June 18, 2003

homeboy, I came to party, yo' girl was looking at me. She's a haggler, naw I'm not taggin' her....

That would be the song of the day to get stuck in your head.

You are welcome.

It was good enough for my head, it'll be good enough for yours.

Actually, they were playing music today at work (thank you thank you thank you thank you) and they played it about ten times in an hour. So, naturally, everyone was singing that song. And it just went in rounds. But either way, you can't get the fucking thing out of your head.

So, we have a funny story to tell you.

Saturday night, John's visiting, and we've just returned from the movies. We saw The Matrix Reloaded. Rock on. Well.... I'm supposed to get a massage. But I think that it was about to be postponed so that we could... talk. Yes. That's it. We needed to have a 'lengthy discussion.' So, the house settles down, everyone's in their respective beds and the dog decides that she's going to sleep in my room. It is cooler, after all. Well, I wouldn't mind except it's a real mood killer when she's panting like she's trying to aid a fire. No pun intended. So, I will try to recreate the scene a bit:

Me: Gabby, calm down. Please. Or go drink some water.

Susan (from other room) Gabby, come here...

Me: Yeah, Gabby, go to Susan's room.

Dog: (Yeah right, I'm a black dog. I weigh a hundred + pounds, I am not going into her room.)

Me: (frustrated) Gabby, go to Susan's room... Pleeezz.

(The dog does not move. Susan then comes up to my doorway, John was sitting on the edge of the bed, buck nekkid... *quickly* adjust the sheets. At this point I start laughing because this is funny.)

Susan: Gabby, come on... come to my room puppy...

Gabby: (Riiiight. Fuck that tosh. I know where it's cooler. I am not moving.)

Me: Sheesh, just let her be. (try to ignore her and get back to my 'discussion'.)

Meanwhile, Susan realizes that Gabby got into the fudge. John left the fudge on the floor. Doggie ate the fudge. Again, our 'discussion' is interrupted as Susan asks me where the hydrogen peroxide is...

Susan: Where's the hydrogen peroxide?

Me: huh?

Susan: I have to make her vomit.

Me: Shit... I don't know... I don't use it....

(but it does happen to be in my cabinet... woops.. John, at this point feels like total shit because the dog ate the fudge, so he goes downstairs to see if he can help Susan make the dog barf... apologize, and feel bad about chocolate poisoning the dog... eventually John returns. But you can bet at this point, I am in no mood for discussion until I know for certain that everyone is down for the night.

half an hour later... the dog barfs, comes inside and returns to the foot of my bed, and procedes to pant for the rest of the night.

Lemme tell ya, I was -so- turned on.


Not much else going on here.

I was going to journal about the dragon fly that I saved from certain death at work today, but I see that Pipsie beat me to it, with her millipede saving ways.
Would I save a jumping spider? *shudder* No, but I'd have one of my people do it.

Ok, enough rambling.

love you all

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